Ceiling White tin

When Clement Brewer first started selling decorating materials in 1904, ready mixed paint as we know it today was unheard of, so he would keep all the ingredients necessary for the craftsman to mix his own paint.

Colours were sold either as dry powder or ground in oil and the choice in those days was considered by his customers to be the best. Clement maintained a range of 30 different coach varnishes, stains and polishes.

The Albany brand has flourished for over 70 years. The name was originally chosen by Clement Brewer in the 1920s for our wallpaper collection to reflect the highest standards of interior decor which were to be found in the flats just off London’s Piccadilly. The brand is just as strong today because there is consistent quality in every can that the decorator can trust – and because of the depth of range which all adds up to the complete painting system.