Roger Bisby Reviews Albany for Professional Builder magazine

18th July 2014

We love to boast about the great quality of Albany paints and were therefore thrilled when this product test was published in the recent edition of Professional Builder. Experienced decorator Roger Bisby writes about his experience with Albany Supercover...

"It must be getting on for 25 years since I first used Albany paints on exteriors. They were recommended to me by an old died in the wool decorator. He swore blind that the solvent based paint, as it was then, lasted longer and was more resistant to flaking and peeling than some of the bigger brands.This was not something I could prove or disprove without getting a number of different brands and trying them out side by side on the same piece of timber. This is something that paint manufacturers do all the time, but it was a bit beyond my capabilities and I am not sure that my decorator friend would have changed his brand based upon anything I could tell him.

He had been getting good results and he saw it as a no nonsense trade brand. Testing an emulsion is a slightly easier prospect. What most people want to know about interior water-based paints is how few coats they can get away with. Each coat costs time in labour, and needs to be left to dry, so a paint that has high obliteration is preferred. Again, paint manufacturers have standard tests that they use to determine the obliteration. For my part I can only put it on a wall over another colour and see how quickly and easily it covers. When going from a dark colour to a light it took two coats. I also used the paint on new plasterwork as a mist coat and it seemed to take well. There were one or two spots where I had polished the plaster a little too much and it sat on the surface. I managed to get it on the next coat and it showed no signs of peeling when it had dried. White emulsion in trade tubs is the bread and butter of trade outlets. Most builders use gallons and gallons of the stuff and most of us have learned that the very cheap bargain buckets are little more than water. They are fine for misting over new plaster but they give poor coverage on existing paint and, therefore, work out to be expensive.

If you have never tried Albany paints give them a go some time. I would love to have your comments from the coal face."

Thank you to Professional Builder for the use of their article and image.

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