Fungicidal Wash

Fungicidal Wash

Albany Fungicidal Wash is specially formulated to prevent and eradicate the growth of fungal mould, algae and lichen from most masonry surfaces. It is suitable for use on plaster, brickwork, cement and stone. It can also be used on most types of masonry surfaces, although a small test area application is recommended to verify compatibility.

  • For surfaces containing organic growth
  • Ideal for external surfaces
  • Prevents algae and fungal growth
  • Suitable for internal surfaces
  • Kills mould and mildew
  • Also for roofs, drives, decking and pathways
  • Covers up to 20m² per litre depending on the surface porosity
  • Re-coatable after 24 hours – must be washed down with clean water before over coating


  • Agitate with a scraper (not wire brush!)
  • Apply by brush liberally and scrub well into the surface
  • Leave for up to 24 hours
  • Wash down with clean water and repeat if growth is heavy
  • Dilute with clean water of up to ratio 1 part wash to 4 parts water (Less if stronger mix required)


  • Available in 1lt and 5lts
  • Clear in colour